The Important Role Parents Play in Potty Training and Why It Matters

The Important Role Parents Play in Potty Training and Why It Matters

As a parent, how you handle the daunting task of potty training can have lasting implications on your child’s development and the person they grow into. There will be many instances where you have to make choices on behalf of your child, including deciding when your child will start potty training and what behaviors you will exhibit throughout the potty training experience.

As a parent, you must motivate your child, reinforce their good behavior, and praise and encourage them, especially throughout potty training. Avoiding procrastination is also one of the most important roles you play as a parent in both the success of your child’s potty training and their future development.

Why Do Parents Procrastinate?

Diapers and Potty Training

Whatever the reason behind it, many parents put off potty training their child or delay starting a consistent potty training routine. Parents procrastinate potty training for the same reasons people procrastinate any other tasks.

Potty training isn’t particularly fun. It can be difficult, and most parents don’t see any kind of payoff right away, causing them to not only fear failure but be acutely aware that frustrating situations lie ahead.

Some parents procrastinate because they want their baby to stay a baby for just a while longer. Potty training is an important milestone a child experiences, and it signifies that they are growing up, which can be a bittersweet feeling for any parent.

The ease of disposable diapers makes procrastinating easy, as parents can avoid messy accidents and increased laundry duties, including increased washing of bedding, underwear, and clothing.

Finally, it is difficult for a parent to explain to their child why something like potty training is important. The truth is, if you don’t want to take the steps to start potty training your child and stay on course to help them learn, you will always be able to find an excuse to procrastinate.

The Benefits of Not Procrastinating

Potty Training Saves Money!

There are many benefits to not procrastinating when it comes to potty training your child. For this reason, keeping your child motivated and moving toward being fully potty trained is one of the most important things you can do throughout the potty training process. Here are some of the benefits of not procrastinating as you potty train your child:

First, the sooner you start potty training, the sooner your child will be fully potty trained, saving you money on diapers and time that you can spend helping your child develop in other ways instead.

Sometimes it is better to just pull off the bandaid and get started. If you are procrastinating starting to potty train your child due to fear of failure, or if you are allowing your child to procrastinate because they are afraid for their own reasons, including of the toilet (surprisingly a very common fear among young children learning to use the bathroom on their own), take a leap of faith together. Assuage your child’s fears while validating their experience.

Teaching your child to not procrastinate from an early age during a formative task like potty training will help them learn responsible behavior, perseverance, time management, and build self-confidence. Rather than avoid tasks that seem hard or scary, not procrastinating signals to your child that what is most important is taking a chance and trying your best, a mindset that will help them for the rest of their life.

To avoid setting the example that procrastinating is a behavior to strive for, start potty training once your child is ready and keep a consistent schedule throughout the entire process.

The Benefits of Potty Training

Many of the benefits of potty training are fairly obvious, such as helping your child gain independence or saving time and money.

Another benefit of potty training is that it will help your child move into the next stage of their life. Though there is no right age to potty train a kid, starting preschool fully potty trained will help your child with socialization and embrace a new experience without worrying about bathroom accidents.

Similarly, your child won’t be the last kid in their class or playgroup to be potty trained, reducing social anxiety and allowing them to put their best foot forward in social situations. As a parent, when you and your family make the decision to start potty training your child, stick with it, don’t procrastinate, and help your child achieve this important life milestone quickly and comfortably.